Flipped Classrooms

Notes from Ronan Head's seminar, 'Flipped Classrooms'

Theology, Philosophy and Religion

Notes from Michael Wilcockson's seminar, 'Theology, Philosophy and Religion'


David Hampshire's Keynote speech, 'Religious Education: the Janus subject.  Whither is the treasure?'


Notes from Ewan Brady's OCR seminar

Teaching Judaism for the first time

Notes from Frances Jeens' seminar, 'Teaching Judaism for the first time'

Building Analytical Thinking

Notes from Peter Baron's seminar, 'Building Analytical Thinking'

Inspiring RS Classrooms: 45 ideas for RS teaching

Notes from Helen Hynd's seminar, 'Inspiring RS Classrooms: 45 ideas for RS teaching' 

Digital Learning in RS

Notes from Neil McKain's seminar, 'Digital Learning in RS'

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