The AGM was held at our annual conference on 18th November, 2019 at Southwark Cathedral, London.


  1. The Chair welcomed delegates to the AGM. He explained that there had been a hiatus in the handover from the previous Chair, but it had given the Council time to rethink the purpose of ISRSA and the service it offered to schools. An important consideration reflected in the theme of the conference was the distinctive contribution of the subject to the school curriculum from junior to senior school and then on to university. One important characteristic is the relationship between the three distinct but related areas of theology, philosophy and religion. ISEB had recently re-written the Common Entrance Religious Studies course to include philosophy and re-named the course Theology, Philosophy and Religion. The Chair therefore proposed that ISRSA should change its name to acknowledge that at many schools it was now standard practice to teach those three areas.  Delegates were enthusiastic about the change of title. There just remains the challenge of finding a snappy acronym. The ISRSA Council will review a name for the Association in the New Year.

  2. The Vice-Chair summarised the Association’s research work on pedagogy and encouraged any interested members to contact him.

  3. The Treasurer reported that the Association’s finances were sound.

  4. Professor Ben Quash addressed the delegates briefly on an initiative which he was chairing in conjunction with several senior schools to develop a new Theology A Level (or equivalent) qualification which would include more rigorous and contemporary theological content than the existing A Level and Pre-U (which is being shut down shortly). Anyone interested in its development should contact him.

  5. Mr Chris Hooper from NATRE spoke briefly about NATRE and its relationship with ISRSA.

  6. The Chair encouraged any interested members to join the Council.



Michael Wilcockson



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